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    Задача Mission

    The shop shelf should work for the manufacturer 24/7. For this to happen, the product's life cycle on the shelf must be properly managed. More than 20 of the leading companies gave Action this task at more than 1,500 trade centres in the most prosperous areas of Russia: Moscow, Moscow region and Saint Petersburg.

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    Решение Solution

    At Action, we call this Key Accounts Merchandising or KAM. And its effects are felt everywhere.

    By bringing together manufacturers with ranges of non-competing products KAM allows us to place full-time merchandisers in stores. That means no wasted travel time, no car expenses, daily just-in-time management of shelf-space and a permanent line of communication between the merchandiser, store staff and manufacturer.

    If you notice that there are no gaps in the shelves, and the products are placed neatly and with the sell-by dates taken into account, and if you find the brand you want with ease and you're in and out of the shop in a flash – you'll probably find that Action's merchandisers have been at work.
    KAM is a way of reducing placement time and time to purchase. It offers constant control of displays, share of shelf and warehouse product supply. It provides you with timely updates on the state of affairs at each shopping centre, prompt provision of new field staff where needed and excellent relations with shop management.

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    Результат Happy End

    More than 1,500 KAM employees today work at 2,241 shopping centres in more than 200 cities around Russia.