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    Задача Mission

    Talk about the goodness of UHT milk, how it differs from other types of milk and to educate the consumer that UHT milk is a 100% natural milk product. Make the milk buying process a conscious choice.

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    How can you talk about milk in a lively and educational way? Through games! Action invited consumers to play «The Milk Show». We developed a unique educational programme that allowed consumers to improve their knowledge of milk while playing games and winning household goods.
    There was never a question as to who should host the show. Clearly it should be Russia's highest rated showman with a natural affinity for household shoppers – the charming and charismatic Ivan Urgant! Ivan educated consumers about which micro-elements are contained in milk, how long UHT milk keeps… and many other interesting milk facts.
    Ivan's photo was on the Tetra Pak packaging, along with myths and facts about milk and a call for consumers to read, learn and play. The show's website contained short educational films.
    Action's digital department developed an internet quiz hosted by a virtual Ivan Urgant, who reacted appropriately to right and wrong answers, giving the impression of real-life interaction with the TV host.

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    This promotion attracted 254,651 participants in the first month. And that was just the beginning!