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    Задача Mission

    Increase brand loyalty and frequency of use.
    Convey not only the Coca-Cola brand experience as a unique, bold and inspiring drink, but also overcome the Russian consumer perception of Coca-Cola as a drink that is only consumed on the go, or in bars and restaurants. Get people used to consuming Coca-Cola at home over breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Use sampling to build emotional contact with consumers, putting across the idea of improving get-togethers at home with Coca-Cola.

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    Решение Solution

    We decided to break the mould of standard promotions and so we sent out a mobile team of brightly and stylishly dressed brand ambassadors... into the yards! They approached consumers walking home from a hard day's work. Holding out a bottle of Coca-Cola, brand ambassadors would say things like: "Plov, salad and even sushi are way better together with Coca-...". The consumer would end the phrase with "...Cola!" and the brand ambassador would then release the bottle of Coca-Cola into his hands, creating an association between the sharing of Coca-Cola and eating at home. Playing on words is an international/universal thing to do!

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    Результат Happy End

    In summary, we fulfilled all the brief's tasks: the project covered 15 towns with populations of over a million. We handed out 1 million Coca-Cola bottles and built a strong, emotional link between the target audience and the idea of Coca-Cola consumption at home together with friends. It would be interesting to find out how the campaign fared in other countries.