• 01

    Задача Mission

    A marketing campaign that will help young and talented people show what they are capable of along with the fresh taste of Sprite.

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    Using Vkontakte – the main communication vehicle for the young – we announced a creative competition using the group Sprit Sound. Several young celebrities were chosen to act as judge: Ilya Buts (editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine), Rustam Kireev (Muz-TV director) and DJM.E.G. (artist of the label BlackStar). The top prize in the competition was the opportunity to record your own track and music video at a professional recording studio. muz-TV presenters filmed reports on the project throughout. There was a “Sprite Sound Garage” in several cities – a branded space where participants could record songs using professional equipment. Six finalists travelled to Moscow and spent a whole week together with Sprite Sound Music House, where they met with music and fashion experts and prepared for their live performance at the club “16 tonnes”. The winner was chosen that evening – Nadia Kodas.

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    3,000 participants took part in the first round of the competition. there are now 67,300 in the Sprite Sound group on Vkontakte. 5,000 unique users visit the group every day.