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    Задача Mission

    - Improve the service quality at BP's fuel stations
    - Increase the profitability of fuel stations through promotional campaigns

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    Evaluate the current service quality, using mystery consumers. We invited around 120 successful individuals driving premium class cars to act as Incognito Drivers. Our belief was that only those who fly business class are qualified to evaluate the nuances of business-level service.

    Each Incognito Driver was asked to evaluate four employees of a BP fuel station: the guys filling up his car, the shop assistant, the person serving at the cafe and the guy cleaning cars. On the basis of these evaluations, each fuel station and each category of staff was rated. These ratings were used by TNK-BP to develop a personnel management and motivational system.

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    Service standards improved on a whole by 32%, reaching 91% in some areas.