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    Задача Mission

    Launch the campaign in 22 Russian cities, providing multi-platform informational support: internet, social media, POS-material, radio, press, and also advertising in trade centres.

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    In order to take part in the competition, individuals need to register on the site’s promo page and write an essay entitled “What are you prepared to do to become a competition winner?” They can also exchange ideas about which department to head for and which equipment can be carried out of the store most quickly, as well as watching similar campaigns carried out in other countries. Applications were accepted for a month, from 23rd may to 23rd june, and the “race” of finalists took place on 6th june.

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    More than 70,000 participants, 22 winners, who took good out there were valued at 9.2 million rubles! Winners in Chelyabinsk and Surgut managed to run out with electronics equipment worth 700,000 rubles each! The campaign was absolutely unprecedented, meaning that it achieved wide media coverage and over 700,000 people watched a film of the event online.