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    Задача Mission

    A series of educational and entertaining events – get ahead with Google – is a unique, socially significant format for live engagement with several key groups. It demonstrates how Google services make life simpler, meanwhile aiming to improve internet-literacy and open significant opportunities. The project has been developed especially for the Russian market. The project was launched in autumn 2013 in Novosibirsk and Kazan and in the space of a year will encompass other Russian towns. In each town, events take 10 to 14 days. Agency role: full-spectrum project management, excluding pr: programme creation; event advertising; booking; architecture; brand decoration and full technical venue fulfilment; hospitality and travel speakers; guest database and management.

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    Решение Solution

    Across 10 days, venues will host 15 thematic programmes with varied social and educational content – for example: Google’s teachers academy, which will hand out international certificates; the robot festival, dedicated to programming for schoolchildren; Hacaton, an app marathon for developers; Google academy for startups and business owners. Eight active zones dedicated to Google services, each fulfilled in an interactive format. For example, Google art project allows users to visit the museum world online, accompanied by an exhibition guide; Google translate allows you to order a drink from a foreign bartender; guests can take a seat in the Youtube cinema, where content is tailored to their interests.

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    Результат Happy End

    1,500 educational and engagement contacts in each city (10% above target).