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    Задача Mission

    Build a leading perception of automobile brands of Volkswagen in Russia which are ideally suited for any climatic conditions; as well as inspire dealers and potential brand customers along the OTR and PTR routes.

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    Решение Solution

    ‘Volkswagen. Fans Relay’ project comprised 360° communications. 620 branded vehicles with crews were provided for better mobility of OTR/PTR participants and organizers. A team of PR managers and bloggers traveled with the Torch teams along the route, organized press briefings and kept online journals of OTR/PTR. The Relay procession in each city consisted of 30 cars including buses for the press and torch bearers, the car of Security Service, Keepers of the Flame and media tracks. At the day when the Torch arrived in a city, celebrations with different thematic activations were organized for clients in regional Volkswagen dealer centers where athletes and official persons of the city were specially invited. The unique Volkswagen Northern Wolf Amarok was exhibited at the central square where the Torch was welcomed, and the partner block which included a video about the brand

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    Результат Happy End

    More than 15 000 000 citizens of Russia witnessed the Olympic Torch Relay and Paralympic Torch Relay; more than 30 000 clients visited celebrations in 117 dealer office; project’s PR value exceeded 14 000 000 rubles; and 1850 applications for a test drive were received during the City Celebrations.