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    Задача Mission

    Moms are wary of online shopping, but at the same time they like to read reviews and to communicate on the Internet while choosing products for their children. Tasks: to create an online hypermarket of children's goods, which business model is based on Moms’ trust.

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    Решение Solution

    We introduce to you Mamagazin – first online supermarket which was created based on wishes of real Moms! We told to 6,000 Moms across Russia about a new online shop of goods for children and invited them to become its co-authors. Moms obtained a special status and a long-term influence on the formation of Mamagazin, while we’ve gained loyal brand ambassadors who are ready to continue communication with brand and to involve their friends too.

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    Результат Happy End

    More than 10 million women have seen Mamagazin advertisements on different online platforms. More than 190 000 visitors were attracted to the campaign promo-site. During 4 months in 19 cities more than 600 of 1,5-hour focus groups had been held, which were attended by 6,000 Moms.
    Rresults: more than 1000 participants of focus groups imbued with trust to new store and became an active group of Brand Ambassadors. 16,000 Moms became members of Mamagazin communities on social networks. 6,100 ideas for the development of the store were collected. Collected 23,000 completed questionnaires from moms who now receive a useful weekly email-newsletters from Mamagazin.