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    Задача Mission

    Tell about the real causes of homelessness, show the real stories of homeless people with their eyes, show that there is a way out from the street

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    Решение Solution

    It is no secret that there are a lot of stereotypes about the homeless. Many people don't know anything about their life, but think that most homeless people are "fallen" people who don't want to work and benefit society. And in ordinary life, many of us will never know the real stories about what led one or another person to the street.

    Thanks to the Homeless banner, people will be able to get acquainted with the true causes of homelessness and help those who believes - there is a way out from the street. The banner leads to the http://бездомныйсайт.рф - website with five video histories of real homeless people. They talk about their wanderings around St. Petersburg, and the audience sees with their eyes the city and the addresses that they had to wander.

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    Результат Happy End

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