• 01

    Задача Mission

    Attract new consumers to the brand among youth aged 12 to 19.

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    Coca-Cola sampling is not simply a way to hand out cans of Coca-Cola. It's always a bold, eye-catching show, a way of enticing young people to interact with the brand. The year was divided into four creative waves: Football, Finding Happiness, Brrr and, of course, New Year. For each wave we developed a fun and striking promotion that would convey the brand's core message: happiness is when both you and the people around you are happy!

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    Over the course of a year we chilled, opened and placed in people's hands 6 million cans of Coca-Cola, with smile, hugs, high fives and best wishes. This was the largest experiential sampling in Russia in 2010 – it immediately earned several prizes at the Silver Mercury Awards, including a special mention from the President of RAMU.