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    Задача Mission

    - if you are looking for solutions to improve the efficiency of your merchandising or retail audit project,
    - have already heard about other companies experience with photo recognition of SKU, and would like to quickly evaluate the costs (both time and money),
    - if you have questions about digital merchandising,

    we invite you to a smart-breakfast “Everything about digital merchandising for2 hours!”, which will be held on August 13, 2019, from 9.00 to 11.00

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    The expertise of Action Group and Intelligence Retail AI-deveeloper will be presented by:
    - Olga Stankevich, Action, Client Service director,
    will tell about the planning, the results achieved, the growth of efficiency and the obvious and additional benefits from the integration of neural networks into the merchandising project (category: alcohol)
    - Victoria Lysenko, Action, Client Service manager,
    will tell about the “field” difficulties of implementing the system into day-to-day field work and successful decisions,
    - Maxim Morozov, Intelligence Retail, CEO,
    will tell about technical aspects and share expertise in other FMCG-categories

    More information about the event and registration - on the Timepad (http://bit.ly/2RWRPsg)

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    you will learn,
    • how and by how much photo recognition can increase efficiency for your business,
    • what results can be achieved, and how much time it takes,
    • you will see how it works, and you will be able to evaluate the unique Action Reports + IR solution