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    Задача Mission

    Support the Coca-Cola new year TV campaign «Let your new year be wrapped in happiness!»
    The TV ad closed with a bottle wrapped in a scarf, lending the strapline a double meaning: a happy turn of events, and a wrapping of warmth and affection.

  • 02

    Решение Solution

    Who gives you the best hugs? Who is the most loving, cosy person you know? Your grandma, of course! At the height of the new year hustle and bustle, grandmothers took centre stage in Coca-Cola's buzz campaign. 50 very sweet, caring and smiley grandmothers were placed around shopping centres, seated in comfy wicker chairs and knitting red scarfs. Shoppers were stopped in their tracks by this bizarre apparition. Why were old ladies sitting there knitting? Only when they saw the bottles of Coca-Cola did shoppers begin to understand what was going on and to smile!
    Every time they finished a scarf, the grandmothers wrapped them round the neck of a curious passer-by and handed them a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola.

  • 03

    Результат Happy End

    75,000 contacts, with several scores wrapped in free hand-knitted scarves. Thousands of smiles.
    The campaign won the Silver Mercury Award 2010. The Coca-Cola Grandmothers were shortlisted for the international Globes Award 2010.