Action Loft


Action has got a new home in 2014 – a spacious, eco-friendly, comfortable and fantastically beautiful area! Action Loft embodies Action’s business philosophy and ideology, drive and creative energy. An area for life, work and creativity rather than just an office, it is our home where everyone can find a place after their own hearts.

Designer Dina Felde has transformed a dark attic in a Soviet era building into a homely and light-filled loft. Ultramodern MEP systems merge with an ancient art of Vastu architecture design; minimalistic colors of floors and walls match with custom-made furniture and décor; and an ocean of flora balances concrete, glass and metal constructions. The mixture is a stronghold for one of a kind, multi-faceted and harmonious Action Loft.

The loft is a centre of cultural and social life: we organize ping-pong and kicker tournaments, do yoga, convene creative master classes, hold debating clubs and relax here after work. A roof terrace with a garden and a pond takes the center stage in summer activities. 

The new area has already come to attention of top media. You can find more about Action Loft design and history of its creation from,  and InMyRoom  articles or by viewing a virtual tour