We had several official reasons for looking for additional office space - the business was growing, we were taking on more products and hiring more staff. But the real reason was that both staff and management wanted an environment that fostered a greater sense of freedom and creativity.

It wasn't hard to decide on a space - right next door to our old office was Design-Zavod FLACON, offering a unique, creative atmosphere that suited us perfectly. We managed to get 300 square metres of factory space and an additional 250 square metres on the roof. Then the renovation began. The bare walls with 12 metre high ceilings were to become one of the most striking offices in Moscow.

We got designer Jana Popova to take on the task of transforming the space - Jana had previously designed our old office.

The result is what we call an office-transfomer: the space is easily transformed into a club. The wooden tables, made to order, can be moved together and turned into a stage, and we also have professional light and sound. In no time the space looks nothing like an office and the party begins...

We invited Stepan Krasnov to graffiti the walls. We weren't allowed to approve Stepan's work in advance and he worked without sketches. Thanks to Stepan, we now share the space with Einstein, the wolf and hare from the famous Soviet cartoon "Nu, Pogadi", Micky Mouse and Homer - not the one who wrote the Iliad, but Simpson!

Most of our staff come and go freely. Noone has a fixed work space - they can sit or even lie anywhere they want (we have loungers around the space) and set to work. Now our staff have a choice where to work on a given day - in the old office or the new.