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Merchandising is a discipline of marketing communications that contributes to retail sales through stimulating consumer’s interest to a product or a product group in-store with no intervention of sales personnel. Merchandising is a set of techniques aimed at enticing consumers to make a purchase by creating best possible conditions for consumer impression using visual or other product representation.
Otherwise speaking, merchandising is a part of marketing process that defines sales methods at a retail in-store level. Merchandising defines the use of shelf space, ways of product display and POG compliance as well as POSm supply.
The Action agency provides its clients with visiting and combined merchandising programmes as well as hybrid programmes in all channels.
Key Account Merchandising (KAM) is our project that is worth special mention: Action has provided each store of a retail chain within the project with a professional merchandiser. Our clients pay only for hours that our merchandiser spends on their brand!
Key Account Merchandising (KAM) ensures:
- time saving – no need for moving between stores and waiting for a contact person in-store;
- regular monitoring of product display, shelf share and product availability in stock;
- prompt status report on each outlet;
- prompt availability of extra field personnel upon request ;
- well-established relations with retail chain administration.
Our agency can be well trusted with any challenge. Action is the leader in marketing services in Russia – confirmed by official RAMS researches (RAMS – Russian Association of Marketing Services).

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